Welcome to Recrubot.com, an online skill search portal for profile search in the web. Recruiters have the facility to do a structured search on profiles in the web through Recrubot.com. And with our Associate assistance, you can reach candidates too. It is an easy to use platform with an option of free trial to have hands-on experience on the portal. There are no restrictions on the number of profiles being searched from the web yielding as many results as it can, till you get what you want.

It’s Interactive… How?

We at Recrubot.com, have a backend search system, which would help you search the web and reach candidates.

How to begin?

  • Interested Recruiters reach us and we create login credentials for them.
  • After creation, they have a hands-on experience on the portal for a trial period of (as agreed no. of days), where the backend search system is configured for providing candidates' coordinates (no.s' as agreed) per day.
  • Post completion of trial period, you can go for a subscription, based on your requirement.
  • During this trial period, there is no restriction on the number of profiles you search on the portal.